Handcrafted Log Home

Handcrafted Log Home

This impressive handcrafted log home is surrounded with panoramic breathtaking views. Imagine starting and ending your days in this amazing home and location. To wake up each morning, living a lifestyle where you breath in fresh air. For lots of people that live in the cities, the concept of fresh air is a luxury, so if you are already living in the country, please do not just take that sweet fresh air for granted!

When you live in a place like this, you can touch and feel the outdoor elements and know that you are somewhat cocooned in a natural, peaceful environment. Living in a log home has a similar feeling.

As far living in a log house like this you can lounge on your deck and listen to the natural environmental sounds, or sit indoors, surrounded by the life from the logs themselves. For those of you that love the modern conveniences, you are not restricted to nature alone, a good sound system would also be great in your log home plus the log homes of today are designed with all the current appliances and devices available. Let's be honest. Living in a log home is very romanticized. Generally log homes tend to be built in more remote areas, which contributes to their appeal if you are the type of person that wants to surround themselves with all that Mother Nature has to offer. This two story log structure is pretty impressive. The construction of the home makes great use of the logs in the ceiling structures and has an appealing roof line. This two level log home has walk out terraces on both levels featuring wooden flooring, beautiful archways and sturdy, artistic railings. The outdoor balconies of this home allow for great use of the outside space where you can enjoy meals and music nights or whatever your family activities include. These outdoor spots are great for yoga practice, meditation or reading a great novel. The inside of the home features a very impressive large floor to ceiling stone fireplace. There are a few options with fireplaces and weather you opt for wood or gas or both, a fireplace is a must for most people in a log home. It is just part of the ambiance you expect to find and is perfect for those long cold winter days when you want to relax indoors. The flooring is a combination of tiles and carpeting, depending on the room. The staircases are designed from wood and natural log railings which are really creatively built. This log home has both lots of space and the cozy factor you imagine in a log home.

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