An Inspiring Build-It-Yourself Tiny House That Tells a Lot about Freedom and Creativity

An Inspiring Build-It-Yourself Tiny House That Tells a Lot about Freedom and Creativity

You will want to take a look at both the exterior and the interior of the Keva Tiny House: A Smallish Living on Salt Spring Island. On this tiny house site, you will get a good idea on what it takes to build and design a tiny house, and you are sure to leave feeling just a little inspired. The designer and owner of this beautiful tiny house design are a forest walker, a veggie eater, an ocean paddler, and headstand lover who lives in the Pacific Northwest of Salt Spring Island. She is someone who leads with an open heart and a clear mind. She is someone who likes to learn from her mistakes and hopes to learn and grow from the experiences she has and not run the other way.

This tiny house project is an expression of creativity, freedom and exploration of lifestyle. The fun process of building your tiny house is continuously shifting and evolving. The tiny house was designed by the owner and built by her friend Rudy who is a skilled carpenter who took on the tiny house project and worked with an apprentice named Lenny. They also hired an electrician, plumber, and roofer. The square footage of the tiny house space is 168 square feet with a 64 square foot loft. The tiny house took approximately six months to build. The tiny house costs approximately $50,000 to build; that includes the covered veranda and the labor.

The tiny house is located on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia where the owner is lucky enough to live on a property that is owned by friends. The tiny house is tucked away in the woods.

Some of the modifications made on the tiny house include a bigger kitchen window, a square skylight above the bed instead of the standard 2 foot by 4-foot skylight, along with fewer lights in the kitchen area. The tiny house has a five-gallon bucket on the back side of the tiny house that is used for gray water. In the dry season, she uses the water for the garden and in the wet season, it runs out to the forest. The trailer size for this tiny house is 22 feet by 8.5 feet long, with a double axle. The outdoor patio is covered and built in 8 foot by 8-foot pallets so it would be easy to disassemble if the tiny house needs to move.

This is just one of the tiny house designs you will find. Tiny houses built on top of travel trailers are a popular trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Building a tiny house on a travel trailer is a great idea if you think you may have to move your tiny house at some point. Tiny houses seem to be popping up all over the place, and it's no wonder, what they lack in size they make up for in style, affordability, and design. Tiny houses typically refer to a house that is under 500 square feet, but sometimes you will find tiny houses that are smaller than this. You will even find tiny houses that are less than 200 square feet, and in that case, they may be called a micro house!

Downsizing into a tiny house can be an excellent way to save money on taxes, heating, maintenance, building costs, and repair costs. Tiny house living for many people means that they can afford to buy their tiny house outright, thus allowing them to afford more of the things they enjoy from pursuing passions, traveling, and perfecting those hobbies that they love. The great thing about tiny houses is there are so many options out there from tiny houses on wheels to yurts, beach shacks to log cabins and so much more.

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